Iron Horse Beverage

Iron Horse Beverage LLC was founded in 2004 by Cliff Morello and Christopher Murray. Both Mr. Morello and Mr. Murray have extensive industry experience.

Iron Horse Beverage LLC was formed to provide beverage wholesalers and retailers with high quality beverages from around the world. IHB brands are also in high growth beverage categories of Imported beer with champion brands from country of origin. Imported original and authentic.

Iron Horse Beverage LLC has two offices in the United States. The world headquarters is in Melville, NY while the other is in Beverly Hills, CA.

Cliff Morello

Mr. Morello had served as VP East Coast for Grolsch Importers before joining Prospect Beverage as General Manager. His 30 years of experience on the side of a supplier/manufacturer and DSD wholesaler gives him a unique perspective on executing beverage distribution plans. Mr. Morello currently holds the title of CEO and President of IHB. cliff@ironhorsebeverage.com

Christopher Murray

Mr. Murray has served as VP of Export markets for the Seagrams Beverage Company and was responsible for expansion of the Seagrams soft drink business in the export market. He has also worked for beverage companies like Kraft and Coca Cola. Mr. Murray currently holds the title of COO and CFO of IHB. chris@ironhorsebeverage.com

Brian Parsons

Mr. Parsons has numerous years as both a supplier and wholesaler of beer from all regions of the world. Mr Parsons currently holds the title of VP North America Sales and CMO of IHB. brian@ironhorsebeverage.com

Michael Morello

Mr. Morello has worked in the food service and retail food business for many years and has developed key contacts in Metro NY. Mr Morello currently holds the title of VP NY sales manager and VP Social Media. michael@ironhorsebeverage.com

Ali Keles ( Mr Efes )

Mr. Keles has worked extensively in the beverage business in Metro NY and is Mr Efes known to most if not all Turkish restaurant owners in the USA. Mr Keles is the Efes brand ambassador for the USA. ali@ironhorsebeverage.com

National HQ & East Coast Office

68 South Service Road Suite 100 Melville, NY 11747 Work: (631)465-2102 Fax: (631)465-2103

West Coast Office

9595 Wilshire Blvd Suite 710 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Work: (310) 276-1428 Fax: (310) 273-3382

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